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A textboard written in Perl

Installing locally

Install dependencies:

cpanm --installdeps .

Running locally

Create a config file:

cp example_post_text.conf post_text.conf

This file right now just contains a Perl hash reference. Someday it should be YAML or XML or something better suited.

Run it in development mode:

morbo -w assets/css/ -w public/ -w lib/ -w templates/ \
    -w script/ script/post_text

Now try requesting http://localhost:3000


First, create a valid first thread and first remark to the first thread. The tests rely on the existence of thread #1 and remark #1 being the first remark to that first thread. Then you can run the tests locally:

prove -l

Building/running container


podman build -t post_text .


podman tag post_text git.minimally.online/swaggboi_priv/post_text


podman push git.minimally.online/swaggboi_priv/post_text


podman pull git.minimally.online/swaggboi_priv/post_text


podman run -dt --rm --name post_text -p 3002:3000 post_text

Generate unit file

podman generate systemd --files --new --name post_text


  1. Winter/Christmas/New Years background
  2. "All new posts flagged" mode (require approval for new posts)
  3. Tests for mod-only user?

Crazy future ideas

(Lord knows there's TODOs I could be working on...)

  1. Is remark_tally counting hidden remarks? Tried to add a WHERE NOT hidden_status but that returns null, probably need a different JOIN which may not be worth the trouble/processing
  2. Implement tripcodes (moving this down in priority due to complexity...)
  3. Post thread via SMS (twil.io??)

AGPL-3.0+ANTIFA compliance

  • Antifa
  • Trans Rights
  • Black Lives Matter